Do you believe in ghosts, listener? There are rumors that the studio at Hello Lincoln is haunted. When a building is very old, these sorts of stories tend to develop. And ours is indeed an old one: it was built in 1927 for the Arizona Sash, Door & Glass Company. More than once, the crew here as heard odd noises or caught sight of an apparition from the corner of their eye. Is something haunting you, listener? A regret? An unspoken wish? Perhaps tonight’s the perfect night to embrace the spirit of possibility…and learn the tragic legend of Buddy Holly’s ghost. This is Clairaudience on WASTOIDS.

Selections heard in this episode of Clairaudience with Ersa Lowly:

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo, “Maid Of The Moon” 

Ray Lynch, “Pastrole” 

Buddy Holly, “Love Is Strange” (fragment)

Edmondo Giuliani, “Iridescenze”

Gil Trythall, “Wichita Lineman” (fragment)

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