Clairaudience: Dream of the Future

What’s more important, listener: the answer? Or the question? The right answer might solve everything, be the missing puzzle piece. But if your question is off, too short sighted, or too myopic—if it doesn’t take into account the thousands of random elements that influence and inform everything going on around us, both seen and the unseen—then what good is it? An answer can satisfy, but the right question? Well that can do even more. For the person humble enough to admit what they don’t know, a question can inspire, can give the imagination permission to take flight. Are you brave enough to join Ersa Lowly in exploring the questions tonight?

Selections heard in this episode of Clairaudience with Ersa Lowly:

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga

Basil Kirchin and John Coleman, “Mind on the Run” 

Raymond Scott, “Mood Piece”

Raymond Scott, “Sleepy Time”

Bruce Haack, “Untitled #2” 

Alan Tew, “The Detectives” 

Perry and Kinglsey, “Visa To the Stars”

Pied Pipers, “Dream” 

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