Clairaudience: Karmic Math

The shadows have gathered, encircling us as we wander through the static and the haze. Just kidding! The shadows are your friends. And so is Ersa Lowly, your eventide guide on the WASTOIDS wavelength.  This week on the show, a quarter hour of great mood music and a dire call from the hotline. Tune in.

Music heard in tonight’s episode:

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga” 

Roger Webb, “Incantation” 

Roberto Pregadio, “Erika, Seq. 10”

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie” (excerpt)

Barney Kessel, “Stardust (Live)” 

Tak Shindo, “Buttons and Bows”

Sven Libaek, “Desert” 

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