Clairaudience: Doppelgängers

Ersa Lowly has stepped up to the midnight microphone via the broadcast frequency at 850 W Lincoln, and she’s brought with her the gentle sounds of strings, horns, and percussion, to offer a break from the mundanity of the grind, a portal to a world were things slow down and the lines of reality become a little…fuzzy. This is Clairaudience episode 12, Doppelgängers. We’ve got far out music and another call from the hotline. Why don’t you give us a call? 1-877-WASTOIDS. Dial anytime, day or night…tell us your strangest tales.

Music heard in tonight’s episode:

Dick Higgins, “In Memoriam” (excerpt)

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Mort Garson, “This Is My Beloved” 

Stefano Torossi, “Being Friendly” 

Los Esplifs, “Y El Monsoon?” 

Jan Davis, “Mystique”

1 Marc 3, “Catherine” (excerpt)

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