Clairaudience: Curses and Covers

From the great elsewhere to right here, right now. Every Tuesday night, DJ Ersa Lowly brings you a handful of songs to ease you into a state of pleasant bewilderment and a freaky call from the WASTOIDS hotline. Want to share your own strange tale? We got you: 1-877-WASTOIDS. That’s 1-877-927-8643(7).

Thomas A. Clark, “Mantra” (excerpt) from Experiments in Disintegrating Language / Konkrete Canticle (1971) 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Eddie Warner, “Gwendolynn” 

Walter Wanderley, “Os Grilos” 

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie” (excerpt)

Bruno Nicolai, “Secondo delitto”

The Sound Breakers, “Marooned”

Tony Kinsey, “Quick Pursuit” 

Need more Clairaudience? We’ve recently put together a playlist featuring some of Ersa’s favorite selections. Listen via Spotify.

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