Clairaudience: All I Know

What do you know? What’s left to learn? Tonight on Clairaudience on WASTOIDS, recorded at 850 W Lincoln, a glimpse into the looking glass with your guide into the liminal, Ersa Lowly. Music for zoning out, and far out missives from the answering machine of the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline. 

Music heard in this episode:

Akira Ifukube, “The Lunar Base 1”

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Superimposers, “Sometimes (Sweet Omni Instrumental)”

The Peanuts, “Let’s Try to Be Happy 1”

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie” (WASTOIDS excerpt)

Eden Ahbez, “Full Moon”

Piero Piccioni, “Charms”

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester, “In Search Of The Ancient Astronaut”

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