Have you been scanning the frequencies for signs of life? This is Clairaudience on WASTOIDS, coming to you from 850 W. Lincoln. Your guide is Ersa Lowly, here to take your ear and lead you on a sonic journey into the night, with songs for the ride and calls from the WASTOIDS hotline. You can call any time: Dial 1-877-WASTOIDS and tell us a story—we’ll broadcast it here on Clairaudience. 

This evening’s song selections (click for direct listening links)

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Nelson Sisters, “Ebony Eyes” 

The Del-Tones, “Taboo” 

Ron Bartol, “Waiting”

Combustible Edison, “Carnival of Souls” 

Sun Ra, “Interstellar Low Ways” (Excerpt)

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