Hey there, WASTOIDS. It’s Jenny Nobody with Highlighter.  You know what season it is: it’s officially Halloween season. On Friday, October 13th WASTOIDS is taking over The Dirty Drummer in Phoenix, Arizona, to present Black Power, Sputnik, and Heavy Breather, plus a WASTOIDS costume contest. Join host Decoy Deloy for what promises to be a genuine freak out.  Speaking of Decoy: on the latest episode of Music News, he played a clip of Spindle host Marc Masters, author of a brand new book, High Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette, sharing some of his favorite tapes from Bad Brains, Fripp and Eno, The Clean, and Marc’s new cassette compilation.  And since we’re thinking about the spooky season, did you know that WASTOIDS has a whole collection of Clairaudience podcasts? Hosted by paranormal artist Ersa Lowly (channeled by Lane Lines), the show features kitschy music and metaphysical calls from the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline. It’s perfect for this time of year, as the veil between worlds grows thin.  Give it listen by checking out the WASTOIDS Sound System, a 24-hour, always playing stream of WASTOIDS sounds and auditory wonders. Always listening for the unheard. Stay weird WASTOIDS!

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