Bootleg Fever: Weezer, Beach Boys, & More | Click Vortex

Even though some of our audio got cut (again), it’s all-new Click Vortex, in which Sam and Jason come down with a case of Bootleg Fever. Thrill as Jason shares vinyl needle-drops from the Beach Boys, Television (produced by Brian Eno), Lou Reed, and Kanye, and Sam offers a deep dive on the wiggy world of Weezer live boots, fan-assembled comps, and more. Oh, and even though the audio of us saying the words “Band Shirt Day” dropped from the broadcast, it’s on the way: Join WASTOIDS and our friends for Band Shirt Day on September 15, 2023, with artists like Portugal. The Man, BlondieJóhann JóhannssonDustin O’HalloranThe Tragically HipGrace Potter, and Dead Kennedys joining the cause with merch and charitable contributions.

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