Pedrum Siadatian (Allah-Las/Paint), Fish Narc, Astrologer | Highlighter

Reporting from 850 W. Lincoln, Jenny Nobody brings you Highlighter, a bite-sized tasting menu of all the groovy stuff on WASTOIDS. Up first, an all-new episode of Midnight Music Review in the Attic, featuring Pedrum Siadatian of Paint and Allah-Las. Check out his revealing and surrealing interview with resident werewolf Salvador Cresta. Plus, on an all-new episode of Hotline, underground indie producer Fish Narc joined us to answer your calls from the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline, sharing his thoughts on BBQ sauce, the late Lil Peep, and heartfelt advice about how to cope with depression. There’s also a new Click Vortex, where Sam and Jason crack up at on-stage freakouts by Green Day, Billy Joel, Fugazi, and many more. Plus, Decoy Deloy’s โ€œVideo Mixup,โ€ featuring new videos from Astrologer, Who is She?, Molly Burch, Cherry Glazzer and the Mountain Goats.

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