Mixtape: Foyer Red

Welcome to Mixtape, our weekly feature where we hand the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify account over to cool folks to share what they’re listening to.

“Its natural form is in its chaos and layered craziness,” says Elana Riordan of Foyer Red about the Brooklyn five-piece’s debut album Yarn the Hours Away, out this week on May 19 via Carpark Records. That chaos and craziness is definitely expressed in the mathy, dizzying arrangements of songs like “Plumber’s Unite” and “Etc,” but there’s an undeniably catchy and tuneful quality to the band as well, bringing to mind the expansive sound of bands like Deerhoof or the Fiery Furnaces, whose Eleanor Friedberger is featured alongside avant-electronics pioneers Silver Apples, Wings‘ beautifully sappy “Silly Love Songs,” WASTOIDS favorites Swell Maps’ indie classic “Spitfire Parade.” Check out the mix here and pre-order Yarn the Hours Away via Bandcamp and follow Foyer Red on Instagram.

Foyer Red Favorites: Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Memory Lane | The Olivia Tremor Control-Jumping Fences | Eleanor Friedberger-Roosevelt Island | Silver Apples-I Have Known Love | Foyer Red-Etc | Wings-Silly Love Songs | Kleenex-Hitch-hike | Swell Maps-Spitfire Parade | Television-Days | Aldous Harding-Old Peel | Coma Cinema-Wrecked

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