That jangle, tho. It’s time for an all-new, all-different Click Vortex livestream with Sam Means (The Format/Hello Merch) and Jason P. Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard/JPW). This week, the guys (and all our friends in the live chat) discuss Arby’s, Two-Lane Blacktop, Cleaners From Venus, Martin Newell, XTC, John Leckie, ulcers, and the tragic and outrageous history of Revolutionary Comics‘ unauthorized bootleg comics about rock stars.

About Click Vortex: The internet is a confusing place, and Sam and Jason are confused. Join Click Vortex every two weeks from WASTOIDS to discuss online rabbit holes, wonky conspiracies, the Beatles, and whatever else they stumble into.

Wanna get in on the action? We’re bringing Click Vortex Live to Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix March 26th. Expect music from Astrologer, special guests Elmo and Cris of The Meat Puppets, fun merch and more. You can get tickets and more info here.

Call and leave a message: 1-877-WASTOIDS.

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