Welcome to Mixtape, our weekly feature where we hand the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify account over to cool folks to share what they’re listening to.

Maybe you know Jade Noble from her boutique gift & apparel shop Frances, or maybe you’ve spotted her behind the bar at her vintage ’70s teak wood-laden establishment Linger Longer Lounge, an uptown bar and eatery that doubles as one of Phoenix’s raddest venues. (Pro tip: next time you’re at Linger, check out the walls of defaced record sleeves in the bathroom.)

Jade’s unique sense of humor and love of classic Britpop, alternative, new wave, and powerpop shines through on her WASTOIDS mixtape “Lovey Dovey Shit”—featuring artists like Blondie, Tracey Ullman‘s classic “They Don’t Know,” Beck, Kylie Minogue, Hole, and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s filthy “WAP.” For more info, follow Linger Longer Lounge and Frances on Instagram, and follow Jade there too.

Wanna make us a playlist? Call us at 1-877-WASTOIDS and let us know what songs you’d include.

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