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Baked and fried in the Sonoran Desert and New York City, WASTOIDS is a throwback to the halcyon days when stoned teenagers could stay up all night watching music videos, loopy comedy, and arty strangeness on the TV set. WASTOIDS is available to watch on Night Flight Plus and as of today, for free on our YouTube page and right here at WASTOIDS dot com.

Featuring Supercrush, Astrologer, Smirk, Portrayal of Guilt, Wednesday, Denial of Life, Reptaliens, Dante Elephante, Salvador Cresta, a goth coffee shop and more.

WASTOIDS: Episode One: Scraping your brain like resin. In the debut episode of WASTOIDS, your couch spud host Chris tunes into clips from Seattle power pop band Supercrush and psych-pop collective Astrologer, featuring Don Bolles of The Germs. Plus, Natasha calls into the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline to discuss the arcane cheese smells of NYC, and the Shit4Brainz skate crew shares a clip from their full-length video 4×4 of Thomas de Carpio shredding.

WASTOIDS: Episode Two: Remember that freaky movie Fire in the Sky, about the dude who got abducted by aliens? This one’s like that, only dumber. Join WASTOID Chris and his extraterrestrial pals as they check out music from Los Angeles garage rockers Smirk and Texas screamo/noise/hardcore band Portrayal of Guilt. Plus, a tour through the desert with far out photographer Autumn Kidd, and more wacky fun.

WASTOIDS: Episode Three: There’s a problem with WASTOID Chris’ new amp—it’s haunted by a heavy metal ghost in search of his long lost stash. Hop on the couch with this friendly ghost and catch videos from Asheville country shoegazers Wednesday and Tacoma thrash titans Denial of Life. Then, Smokey calls 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline with a disturbing call and Uncle Remo shares a trippy animated clip celebrating a “New Age Princess.”

WASTOIDS: Episode Four: WASTOIDS Chris logs on to “Sleazy Match” to meet the girl of his dreams and winds up getting more than he bargained for. Plop down and tune into the smooth sounds of California’s Dante Elephante and the woozy psych pop of Seattle’s Reptaliens, recorded live in the 850 W Lincoln studio. Plus, Dave Parley (MeldAmor/Prayers) gives a tour of his funeral-theme coffee shop Velorio (en español) and Argentinean video artist Salvador Cresta explains his DIY art process.

What do you want to see on WASTOIDS? Got a weird story? Something else on your mind? Call us at 1-877-WASTOIDS.

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