Welcome to Mixtape, our weekly feature where we hand the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify account over to cool folks to share what they’re listening to.

Chris Parsons AKA Decoy Deloy AKA Dirt Dyed is a purveyor of fine custom tie-dye jobs in the Sonoran Desert. You can also see him as the star of WASTOIDS on Night Flight and our ZONA Fest interviews. He’s worked up a killer playlist heavy on Yugoslavian guitar sounds, prog rock, experimental pop, and jammy rock & roll. Where else would you find a Blind Melon into Stereolab transition?

And hey, while you’re playing this beautifully assembled music, why don’t you check out the new Dirt Dyed/WASTOIDS/ZONA Fest custom tie-dyes? They were made using actual rain from the ZONA fest deluge. We’ve also got a new button drop. Check it out!

Wanna make us a playlist? Call us at 1-877-WASTOIDS and let us know what songs you’d include.

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