We’re back with another episode of Nilsson Talks Nilsson. For this installment, we’re getting to The Point with Harry’s son, the talented singer, bassist and bandleader Kiefo Nilsson. A charming fairy tale about nonconformity delivered with a dose of Nilsson charisma and a touch of psychedelic inspiration, it’s a classic and a longtime favorite of the WASTOIDS crew, which is why we were excited to learn about Kiefo’s live Point performances, which have found him joined by a 14-piece band and guest narrators like John C. Reilly and Pamela Adlon who help bring The Point to life.

On December 10th, he’s back at it with guest narrator Kate Micicci, an actor and comedian who you’ve seen or heard with Garfunkel and Oates and in shows like Bob’s Burgers, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and many more. They’re performing as part of the holiday celebration at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California. 

Get your tickets for the show here.

Nilsson Talks Nilsson is written and produced by Jason Woodbury. Sam Means is our executive producer. Thanks to Kiefo Nilsson for his assistance in recording this episode and rrrstevens on YouTube for sharing some of that great Pamela Adlon performance that opened the episode.  Our art is by the incredible Madalyn Stefanak

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