Mixtape: Music From Click Vortex

Welcome to Mixtape, our weekly feature where we hand the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify account over to cool folks to share what they’re listening to.

This week on mixtape we’re handing the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify playlist to a couple of…uh…WASTOIDS! You already know Click Vortex, our bi-weekly show documenting the twisty and turny internet journeys of Sam Means (The Format) and Jason Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard). This playlist features the music they mention—and since they’re always talking about music, there’s a lot of it. From sunshine pop to pop punk, from third eye wide open psychedelia to Third Eye Blind, this one’s about as varied as it gets. Be sure to follow WASTOIDS on Spotify and check out our collection of playlists and podcasts.

Wanna make us a playlist? Call us at 1-877-WASTOIDS and let us know what songs you’d include.

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