Baked and fried in the Sonoran Desert and New York City, WASTOIDS is a throwback to the halcyon days when stoned teenagers could stay up all night watching music videos, loopy comedy, and arty strangeness on the TV set. On September 30th, WASTOIDS comes to Night Flight Plus as a 4-episode anthology series. Featuring live performances by the country-tinged shoegaze band Wednesday, power poppers Supercrush, punk metal band Portrayal of Guilt, alt-poppers Reptaliens, and more, segments from Argentinian video artist Salvador Cresta, photographer Autumn Kidd, a funeral parlor themed coffee shop tour from “cholo goth” pioneer Dave Parley, and much more demented fun, WASTOIDS is a lo-fi fever dream, available only on Night Flight Plus. Visit and enter WASTOIDS for $10 off an annual subscription.

What’s your favorite late night view? Wanna suggest your favorite thing to watch on Night Flight? Wanna call and tell us we’ve got something in our teeth? Ring 1-877-WASTOIDS today to convey whatever demented thought is on your mind.

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