Click Vortex: Nightbird Meets The Killer with DJ Johnny Volume

From Dick Clark’s unbelievable middle name to Jimi Hendrix to late night radio trips, this (Pace picante sauce-voice) New York City-centric edition of Click Vortex with special guest DJ Johnny Volume has it all. Dive into Will Hermes’ Love Goes To Buildings On Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever, Richard Lloyd of Television‘s power pop gem Alchemy, Jimi Hendrix, legendary radio deejay Alison Steele, “The Nightbird,” The Chordettes, Dick Clark, and the Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. Plus, Sam breaks out the conspiracy code book and gets numerological about Jason’s new album, and Johnny talks Untappd.

The world wide web, like the universe itself, is constantly expanding. With each episode of Click VortexSam Means (The Format) and Jason Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard) bring you a biweekly survey of their online adventures. What’s your favorite song from the Angus soundtrack? Call and tell us: 1-877-WASTOIDS.

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