Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a…click? In the first half of today’s show, we’re talking about musicians who have seen UFOs, including George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic,Stevie NicksFrank Black of The Pixies, and Kendrick Lamar on this episode. Then, we explore the lounge jazz of Paul McCartney‘s side project Thrillington, the artistic spirit of Linda McCartney, Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, and the true crime rock & roll saga of drummer Binky McKenzie

About Click Vortex: Sam Means (Hello Merch/The Format) and Jason P. Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard) spend too much time online, clicking through random corners of the internet. On this biweekly program, they document and explore the strange corners of “The Net” they find themselves backed into. 

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