Hey, welcome to WASTOIDS With Jaan Uhelszki of the legendary CREEM magazine. Founded in Detroit in 1969, CREEM covered rock & roll irreverently and with a wickedly funny style. It closed up shop in 1989, but 30 years later, a new documentary film, 2019’s CREEM: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, helped to reignite interest in the publication, and now, CREEM has returned in full force over at CREEM.com. Not only is the site home to a remarkable archive—featuring stories by Lester Bangs, Cameron Crowe, Patti Smith, Greil Marcus, Lisa Robinson, Susan Whitall, Dave Marsh, Robert Christgau, our guest Jaan, and so many others—it’s also home to brand new features, interviews, articles, and music recommendations. 

We launched WASTOIDS last year for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is that it feels increasingly like music fans are looking for original and fun places to discover new music. CREEM was one of our primary inspirations. Jaan Uhelszki joins us for stories about the pot-fueled “cult of CREEM,” her role in its return, seeing Big Star live, and that time she got up on stage with KISS in full regalia. Thanks for listening. Call 1-877-WASTOIDS. WASTOIDS imagery by Jorge Santacruz.

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