Out of Site: Smirk, Denial of Life, Wednesday, Supercrush, Milly (Playlist)

We’re focusing on music from our Out of Site series today with this WASTOIDS podcast special. A biweekly live performance showcase, full video episodes of Out of Site drop every other Friday, and our second season continues this Friday, July 22nd, with a session from psych-pop group Healing Potpourri. For this special playlist, we’re rounding up a few of our favorites:

Smirk: Imaginary Harry

Wednesday: Toothache (Live at Groundworks Tucson)

Denial of Life: Scheming to Suffer

Supercrush: Be Kind to Me/Gold Star For Robot Boy (Guided by Voices)

Milly: Cure For Pain (Morphine) (Live at Rebel Lounge)

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And tune in for new video episodes of Out of Site every other Friday here and our official YouTube channel. Got a band you want to hear on WASTOIDS? Call and tell us about ‘em: 1-877-WASTOIDS. These selections were recorded and mixed by Jorge Santacruz for WASTOIDS, minus Milly’s cover of “Cure For Pain,” which was recorded and mixed by Doug Porter. Be sure to hit that share button if you like what you hear, and subscribe to the WASTOIDS feed so you never miss a sound. 

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