WASTOIDS With is back with Trevor Shelley de Brauw, guitarist of Chicago art metal band Pelican, Chord, and RLYR, who just released a new self-titled record on Gilead Media, and it blends thrash elements with shoegaze textures, drones, and a sense of triumphant melodicism. 

When de Brauw isn’t playing music, he serves as the “emo ambassador” to Chicago’s Numero Group label and works with the publicity firm Biz 3. He joined us to discuss it all–the new RLYR, the music of prog rockers Yes, the origins of “post rock,” and Pelican’s new partnership with Thrill Jockey, which will reissue the band’s first three albums, 2005’s The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, 2003’s Australasia and 2007’s City of Echoes. 

This week’s episode features original music by Sam Means and a few selections from the new RLYR album.

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