Out of Site: Dave Parley

Dave Parley is a Tijuana-born musician who’s spent time in Los Angeles, San Diego, and now calls Phoenix, Arizona, his home. For more than 20 years, he’s toured and made music with groups like Prayers and Meldamor, incorporating industrial, dark wave, and synth pop into a distinct blend known as “Cholo Goth.” Recently, Parley hung out with the WASTOIDS crew to perform two new solo songs— “Panteón” and “Vida”—and to cap things off, a rendition of Los Tigres Del Norte’s “Jefe De Jefes”.

When not making music, Dave can be found at Velorio Coffee in the Grand Avenue Arts District in Phoenix, Arizona with his partner Melissa Parley. We recommend a delicious cup of “Minimalistic Funeral Espresso.”

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