Out of Site: Mega-Ran

Mega Ran is not only one of the most prolific artists from Arizona, but one of the most prolific all-around in the world of hip-hop. With well over 100 projects released—and counting—Mega-Ran, AKA Raheem Jarbo’s work ethic is something to marvel at. Recently, Mega-Ran was tapped to make new theme music for entertainment giants WWE, a dream come true for the noted wrestling podcaster, and he dropped his 11th album, Live 95, a nostalgic throwback to the golden age of ’90s basketball and pop culture.

Currently Mega-Ran is on tour with fellow artists Sammus, Richie Branson, and Rustage throughout the West coast through the south ending in Atlanta, GA. Visit megaran.com for more info on purchasing tickets to witness Mega-Ran live.

Visit Mega-Ran’s Linktree for everything else Mega-Ran releated.

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