Tanner’s Work.

Tanner Stangle goes by the smashing alias of geekusa, who makes fanatical graphics of legendary 90s artists such as Hum, Taylor Hawkins, J Mascis, & more. The Gilbert, Arizona native started making his graphics only around a year ago. “I was messing around on photoshop on a friend’s computer and thought it was pretty fun so I downloaded it and made some really really shitty stuff at first but I started trying to get on it everyday and have slowly gotten a little better”. The main influences when it comes to his designs are Alex Coxen of Milk Music fame, Jason Dill of Alien Workshop/FUCKING AWESOME, and Cris Kirkwood, Meat Puppets legend.

Influences of Tanner’s Work.

Speaking of music, lately they’ve been bumping Dinosaur Jr, Mystic 100s, Built to Spill, Helvetia, and Yo La Tengo (Everyone here at WASTOIDS loves all of those bands). Other hobbies they enjoy include playing Super Smash Bros. on their Nintendo Switch, more importantly hanging out with their cute kittens at home all day. I truly can’t think of a better way to pass the time.

If you enjoyed this weeks artist feature, make sure to give Tanner a follow @_geekusa on Instagram, where they periodically post items for sale. Such as zines and even a sick Swirlies shirt, which I’m told to expect more of.

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