David Kukoľ playing with his band Otras. Photo by Diana Kmeťová.

David Kukoľ is a 23 year old artist born and raised in Košice, Slovakia, but is now currently in Prague, Czech Republic. Each of David’s drawings start from a simple pen/pencil and paper set up, using the cheapest markers he can find as they feel they are the best to do dot work. After the drawing is done they scan into their computer and put the finishing touches on photoshop. “Colors are still my arch enemy to this day, but I’m getting better”.

Artists that David are currently into include Cassidy McGinley, Matthew Bellosi, and their partner Diana Kmeťová, who does amazing collage works! When not working on their blister, eye popping artwork, David rips his throat with his best friends in metal-punk band Otras. “Doing artworks is pretty much my hobby, so im really grateful that I can collaborate with all these great bands”. Everyday, David is going down the rabbit hole of bandcamp accounts and youtube videos, which is also what we at WASTOIDS love to do. “Everyday I’m digging the web for new albums, obscure bands, labels, artists and artworks… In a way I’m pretty geeky about all those”.

If you enjoyed this artist feature, feel free to give David a follow on Instagram, where you can send a dm and get started on your own commisson you want to realize in the world.

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