portrayal of guilt are a hardcore/black metal crossover unit based in Austin, Texas. Forming in 2017, portrayal of guilt has already built up a reputation, working with iconic labels like Run For Cover, Deathwish, Closed Casket Activities, Decibel, and more. portrayal of guilt came out with two albums in 2021, starting with We Are Always Alone via Closed Casket Activities and CHRISTFUCKER via Run For Cover. When not performing live, they also run their very own eponymously named portrayal of guilt records, where they showcase not only self-made works, but also releases from bands around the world including Nuclear Daisies and War on Heaven.

(Photo by Trevor Novatin)

Visit portrayalofguilt.com to stay up to date with everything about the band/label and check out their most recent release “Chamber of Misery Pt. III” down below.

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