Antonio Aiello is an independent designer based in Southern California. Starting off sketching in their notebook like most students, Antonio quickly graduated to digital illustration and has since began combining them together, giving his art a special, unique twist that easily catches your eye and separates it from the rest. Being a lifelong artist, Antonio is a 2017 graduate of Otis College of Art and Design (Notable alumni include Kim Gordon & Rick Owens).

Antonio takes inspiration from many things, but most notably draws from mid-’90s-early 2000s skate culture, ranging from former World Industries designer Marc Mckee and all around legend Sean Cliver, who has done work for Powell-Peralta, Nike, Hook-Ups, Supreme, & tons more. Other inspirations include Bjork’s “Army of Me” music video, the first four Oasis records, and Euphoria.

Many artists and groups have sought out Antonio to collaborate, including Enjoy, The Garden, Gatecreeper, & LA clothing company PLEASURES. While making his art, Antonio likes to listen to full albums front to back including Chief Keef, Taking Back Sunday, and “The best fucking band ever!” Oasis. (We agree!)

Recently, Antionio has been crafting sculptures/figurines with polymer clay, with items ranging from skaters to punks to animals and even the iconic Osiris D3 shoe. Just looking at them they are reminiscent of Tech Deck Dudes. Remember Tech Deck Dudes? I used to have one but my first grade art teacher took mine away and never gave it back to me. Looking back on it, they probably took it to give to their own kid because of how sick it was. Mine was a punk dude with a purple mohawk.

In addition to art, Antonio spends time playing drums. Antonio is currently in the touring band for artist Michael Seyer, who right now is gearing for a full US tour at the end of April. If you would like to stay informed on new art from Antonio, make sure to follow them on Instagram, where they also occasionally will sell their own art. Check out Antonio’s website for contact information if you would like to commission a piece.

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