Denial of Life are a hardcore/thrash crossover band from the PNW, an area known for exciting and exhilarating. After coming out of the gate strong with their self-titled EP in 2019, they followed up with the Scheming to Suffer/Labyrinth 7″ Single in 2021 on King Crypt Distro. They recently stopped by WASTOIDS while in Phoenix to play a set live in the 850 Lincoln warehouse.

If you enjoyed this episode of Out of Site (and why wouldn’t you?), make sure to follow Denial of Life on Instagram to stay up to date with the future of this visceral unit. Unfortunately, on the last day of tour in LA, their van was stolen and D.O.L. is on the lookout for its return. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, keep an eye out for a Grey Ford Econo with a Washington plate, number BWN5223.

(Photos by Trevor Novatin.)

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