Plasticpeco is an artist born and raised in China who uses different mediums and formats, including gouache, acrylic, colored pencil, and watercolor, and pastels. “Each has features of something I like. Every time when I was working, I would choose different material to use according to the feeling of that moment.”

Other hobbies of Plasticpeco include photography, sewing, writing, ceramics, and playing guitar. Her favorite band is the legendary Japanese dream pop band Fishmans, particularly their live album “98.12.28 男達の別れ“. For inspiration, they love discovering new artists on the grid, and find inspiration in the everyday. “I enjoy many many things, sweet and spicy foods, music, poetry, rain, manga, biking etc,” they write. “The feelings they bring me inspire me to create things with feelings of love, dreams, innocence, relationships, and loneliness. I feel I am more interested in a free and unlimited lifestyle rather than the word ‘art.’”

For more periodic updates on Plasticpeco’s work, give them a follow on Instagram, as well as checking out their Website.

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