Uma Tufekcic is an oil painter from Sacramento, CA. Despite making art her entire life, it she says she’s only recently begun taking it “seriously,” though it’s clear from looking at her intricately detailed images that she’s spent years cultivating a distinct aesthetic. Tufekcic has worked in pastels, watercolors, and acrylics, but since making her first oil painting, she’s become immersed in the medium.

When making art, Uma is inspired by simple things such as plants, flowers, and a number of childrens book illustrations—she cites “Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide To The Fantastical World Around You” as a favorite. When choosing some music to help her get started with a new piece, the usual choice is Cocteau Twins or Bosnian folk music. Current artists who give her inspiration include Madeline Waits, Faye Weiwei, Benji Grigon, Arnela Mahmutovic, and many many more.

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