Jenny Vu is an artist that specializes in fun cartoon imagery with text based observations and autobiographical scenarios. Growing up, Jenny drew nonstop. Throughout middle and high school, she filled notebook after notebook with sketches. Taking inspiration primarily from real life, Jenny creates doodles that tell simple, relatable stories.

Currently Jenny has been drawing to a lot of Hyperpop, Top 40 hits, and late ’90s throwback music from Limp Bizkit and KoЯn. For the times she wants something more relaxing, she turns on the jazz station KMHD. As for current inspiration, she says that comedian Lauren Servideo is their biggest idol at the moment. “Lauren Servideo on Instagram is my current god. I think she is so funny, and a genius. I get really envious of her life. ha. She is the perfect mix of cringe, dumb, and super smart.”

To stay up to date with Jenny Vu, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram and to check out their Website where you can she a complete folder of works she did for clients like Adidas, The Portland Mercury, Belmont Books, and more!

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