Today’s WASTOIDS featured artist is Loveberlyn, an illustrator based out of Treasure Valley, Idaho.

Loveberlyn has been in the arts ever since she can remember, picking up pencil drawing, painting, apparel design, and sculpting all by the time she reached 8th grade. Being told to emulate artists like Van Gogh and Peter Max, she instead focused on learning to paint like herself, imagining up a whole universe of characters she calls “Rosy Kids.”

“These are the kinds of personalities I’d like to interact with,” she says. “They are weird, unique, and never fear judgment from anyone. Most of the people I encounter in my life are very similar, like cookie cutters, so it’s really fun to craft these characters that are very different.”

While creating, Loveberlyn loves to listen to Haley Blais, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Sleigh Bells, and WASTOIDS’ very own late night mood music and call-in show, Clairaudience (available every Tuesday night, wherever you get podcasts).

To support Loveberlyn, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram HERE.

If you would like your own Rosy Kid based on anyone you’d please, check out Loveberlyn’s website for pay what you can commissions.

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