Lily Szymanski

The WASTOIDS Featured Artist series shines a light on some of our favorite creators from the worlds of music and art. Today we’re looking at Chicago-based large scale artist Lily Szymanski.

Lily started off in photography around 2014, when she realized after finding a bunch of artists she liked shared a community together that she wanted to be apart of. It wasn’t until when she enrolled in SAIC in 2017 that she gained an interest in sculpture building.

Lily has made large scale papier-mâché sculptures of every-day items, such as dominos, dice, paint cans, pepper spray cans, candles, cards, etc. She takes inspiration from found/recovered items, the way other people handwrite, signage from various businesses they see around the city. In addition to that, Lily has also made wool sewn flags inspired from posters seen in her neighborhood, pictured above. (Chicago Rats) (Neighborhood Watch)

While making art, Lily enjoys listening to The Sundays, XTC, Land of the Loops, Arthur Russell, and Grandaddy.

Other artists they love include Annabelle Dunstan, Narumi Nekpenekpen, Francisco Mendes Moreira, and animator world4jacks.

If you would love to keep up with Lily’s work and future projects, Give her a follow on Instagram at @funfactsaboutrats and visit their regularly updated website HERE.

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