Van Dyke Parks on Orange Crate Art

Today on WASTOIDS, a legend of recorded history: Van Dyke Parks. His name appears in the liner notes of so many of our favorite albums—LPs by the Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Joanna Newsom, Grizzly Bear, and many more—and to boot, he’s one of pop music’s great storytellers and raconteurs. In 1995, he released a collaborative album with Brian Wilson called Orange Crate Art. Last year, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the folks at Omnivore Records reissued the album along with rarities and instrumental takes. VDP grew up in Mississippi, but travel has long been a fixture in his discography and Orange Crate Art found him and Wilson exploring the idyllic myths and hidden corners of the California Dream, evoking the sensations Van Dyke felt as a young kid first visiting to appear in a movie, The Swan with Grace Kelly, in 1955. 

Van Dyke took a few minutes out of his day to join us here on WASTOIDS to discuss the record, and, because we can’t help but ask about it: we also talk about his appearance on Twin Peaks in 1990.

Music heard in this episode:

Sam Means, “Pop Pop”

Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson, “My Jeanine” (Instrumental)

Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson, “Orange Crate Art”

Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson, “Lullaby”

Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson, “Sail Away”

Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson, “Movies is Magic”

WASTOIDS Audio Collective, “Here and Now”

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